Experience the hospitality of Bela Krajina

Bela Krajina has a unique character with closely intertwined nature and culture. The area of developed countryside is spread over rugged terrain with various natural heritage sites along with vineyards, birch forests with fern and the pristine Kolpa River.


A one-of-a-kind tourist facility with a distinctive character

The Resort Village Majer offers a relaxed, yet cultural, retreat from your everyday life. Recharge your batteries in the magical natural environment and enjoy in an interesting and active holiday. Its beauty conceals stories of the past, which will awaken your curiosity and invite you to discover them.

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Would you like to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take a break from daily stress? Looking for a retreat? Would you like to experience the natural and cultural treasures of Bela Krajina? Are you tempted to experience different, educational or attractive holidays in the countryside? Welcome to the Resort Village Majer.

Educational packages

The Resort Village Majer also organises various team-building activities, educational workshops and training for companies, organized groups and families. In organising these activities, the resort cooperates with the company TGK, d.o.o., which employs knowledge transfer experts in business viability and management of companies and business processes.

Majer Resort Village

The Resort Village Majer is creating a unique story in Bela Krajina with added value. The restored historic, traditional Bela Krajina homestead with a modern design offers local delicacies and various tourist, sports, leisure and team-building activities. Our goal is to encourage efficient and collaborative tourist activities and the development of active tourism in Bela Krajina. We offer a genuinely friendly and active stay in unspoiled nature with various natural and cultural sites.

Our farm

The Hlebec Farm is located in Bela Krajina, a region with unique character, where nature and culture are tightly intertwined. The farm’s agricultural land for growing fruit and lavender extends over this rugged terrain near the Resort Village Majer. We take pride in taking care of all our guests’ needs and requirements and offering warm hospitality.